My Current Tech Stack

👋 I am always curious to hear about other people’s workflows and the tools they use. I tend to experiment and try lots of different tools. Below are the tools I am currently using.

Anything interesting you see there? Or anything you don’t see and that you recommend?


  • Superhuman (see also [[⚙️ My email workflow]])


  • VIMCal (see also [[📖 Calendar tech MOC]])

Personal task management

See also [[⚙️ My todo workflow]]

  • Capture
    • Drafts (works on desktop, phone and apple watch)
  • Daily planning
    • A 3x5 index card to capture the impactful” action items of the day
    • An obsidian note each day (“Daily Note” page) that captures the other todos of the day
  • Future todos
    • Todos due later are in a single Obsidian page with my active projects” and all related todos. My learning: it is a forcing function to keep the backlog” of future todos to a reasonable amount. If future todos require more than a single page, it means I am overcommitting and I need to say no (vs. becoming better at organizing more todos)
  • Reminder/Recurring
    • Due for reminder during the day
    • Calendar events in Google Calendar for things due in the future

Time tracking

  • High-leve tracking
  • Granular tracking
    • An Obsidian page each day named YYYY-MM-DD Log” that go granularly and in which I add an entry for each activity
  • Automated tracking
    • I use the Timing app to track what I do on my laptop. This is useful to complement the analog journaling if I don’t remember when/what I did at a certain time in the day.

Meeting minutes

Learning and Idea Log

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reviews

  • Analog journal in which I review the key highlights captured in Time Tracking, Meeting Minutes and Learning and Idea log


  • Kindle books on Kindle Oasis
  • Readwise to capture highlights and sync them to Obsidian See also [[⚙️ My reading workflow 🌱]]

Journaling, thinking and writing

  • Morning pages
    • I write on cheap sheets of paper, scan with my iPad the pages and save into a PDF file which is encoded in a Cryptomator vault.
  • For quiet and high level thinking
  • Everything else
    • Obsidian (see also [[📖 Linked Thinking Tool MOC]])

Learning and remembering

Digital automation

  • Cloud automation
    • Zapier for no-code automation
    • Airplane for code-based automation
    • AppSmith for personal internal tooling (free open-source alternative to Retool)
  • Desktop automation
    • Alfred as a launcher
    • Keybord Maestro: mostly for window management
    • Hazel for managing files
    • Bartender 3 for minimalist menu bar


  • Slack
  • Whatsapp
  • Facetime
  • Messenger


  • Loom (and now Slack) for video messages
  • Skitch for screenshots

Fix Office setup

  • MacBook Pro
  • Apple Keyboard
  • Apple Mouse

Mobile Office Setup

  • Roost as a super light and compact laptop stand
  • TripMode to minimize data consumption and speed when I am using the hotspot


  • Apple Watch for exercises and uploaded into Strava
  • Oura Ring for sleep tracking
  • Bearable for experimenting and finding links between behaviors and outcomes See also [[⚙️ Health Tech]]


  • Oura app on my phone for unguided meditation
  • Timeless app on my watch as a minimalist meditation timer

Home automation

  • Thermostat: Ecobee
  • Front door lock: Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen
    • [[Yale DB Touch Instructions.pdf]]
  • Security Camera: blink See also [[📖 Home automation tech MOC]]

Personal website

Apple Watch

  • Face #1: Productivity
    • Drafts
    • Just Press Record
  • Face #2: Mind
    • Unwind - Mindful breathing
    • Timeless for meditation
    • Apple Music with MP3 recordings for Yoga Nidra and TM White Noise
  • Face #3: Exercise
    • Apple Workout
    • Heart rate

January 10, 2022